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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

1.  Random hugs from my daughter.
2.  Tree swings.
3.  One scoop of chocolate chip and one scoop of orange sherbet.
4.  A hot mug of Island Coconut coffee.
5.  Handwritten notes.
6.  Sunday afternoon naps.
7.  A freshly cleaned house.
8.  Planning my next decorating project.
9.  My grandchildren.
10.  A good sermon.
11.  Rainy afternoons.
12.  Helping complete strangers.
13.  My brother's sense of humor.
14.  Surprises.
15.  Old couples in the grocery store.
16.  Flowers in the yard.
17.  Hearing my children laugh together.
18.  Babies.
19.  Silly songs.
20.  Weekends.

What makes you smile? 

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