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Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a Kitchen Redo -- Again!

Okay, you know that feeling you get when you just know its' time for another kitchen redo?  Well, that wave of crazy has been hanging over my head like a springtime cloudburst for about a month now.  And I know exactly what I want to do:

I am painting the cabinets in a rich black this time - with a rich, hand-rubbed, PB finish.  Currently, my cabinets are a country red.  For a couple of years it was fantastic -- but now, it's time for black.  Here is another inspirational photo (LOVE the floor below):

Okay, stay tuned.  I just about have the plan drawn out.  Need to rip out the pantry that was built about 10 years ago, add a wall of new cabinets (shopping at salvage yard and thrift store for these) and find something unusual to make an island.  There are so many great ideas in blogland - here are a few inspirational photos to whet YOUR appetite for a new kitchen:

Hope these great photos and exciting ideas have inspired you - I will be posting my "before" shots this weekend as well as the 'plan of attack' - hopefully, in two to four weeks, the after will be ready to unveil as well!

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