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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The $2.00 Chair is Complete!!

Yesterday I completed the $2.00 thrift store chair for Avery's room (my 14 year old daughter).  It turned out great.  You might remember me writing about the find back in March when I scooped it up at a local thrift store for $2.00!!  I thought I had taken 'before pictures' of it then - but alas, I can't find them anywhere.

Let it suffice for me to 'paint' this word picture in your mind;  good bones, but U-U-G-L-E-E-E!!  Two shades of brown, avocado green and fake woodgrain - yuck!

First, I took the whole thing apart - wheels, base, seat and chair back.  I washed the whole thing off really well and let it dry while I gathered my supplies.  Valspar Gloss Black spray paint ($6.94 at Lowe's) and my old trusty tool set.  Then, I went to work painting the entire thing outside on an old sheet - front and back - bottom and top.  Two coats got it in all the nooks and cranny's of the wicker back.  After it was dry, I put the entire thing inside the garage until the HUGE thunder storm passed (lots of rain).  I had planned to cover the seat cushion with matching fabric from her room, but once the cushion was cleaned it looked great - here's the fabric - what do you think?  Should I cover it or leave it as is?

Finally, I brought the piecces into the house and got out my tools again.  I put the entire thing back together and it turned out beautiful!  Avery loves the way it works with her room (done in a red and black and tan Paris theme):

While the wheels were a little tricky to paint evenly and then get put back on correctly, it really turned out nicely.  And for under $10.00 total, are you kidding me?  It's fabulous!!