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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Easter, Everywhere!

Harper was such a good boy for me.  His big blue eyes kept darting back and forth in anticipation of seeing the design on his cheek.
Older kids are so much easier to paint.  You don't have to contend with moving 'canvas' and your end design is much clearer and more detailed.
Allie is so full of life - both before and after the painting.  I just love this little girl and wish I had 1/4 of her energy!
Well, we had a blast at the Easter Egg Hunt and Craft Day at the church on Saturday.  The kinds loved getting their faces painted, and the edible 'paint' for popcorn and marshmallows was a huge hit.  Check out these photos above and below and maybe you won't feel like you missed any of the fun!
And here are three of my girls prior to Sunday School - Avery, Sarah and Olivia.  Aren't they beautiful teenage girls! 9I'm not proud or anything!)

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