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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Fun with Edible Paint

I was so excited when I found this posting from Living Locurto - we will be using this creative idea at church on Saturday as an alternative to traditional egg dying.  Not only is it less messy, it will be edible fun.  We plan to give all the kids coffee filters full of marshmallows and another with popped corn (like in the photo).  Once the little artists have created their masterpieces, we will use small cups or baskets as their 'baskets.'  We will use their painted popcorn as their 'grass' and then arrange their painted 'mallows' as their eggs.  We'll add Easter candy as the grand finale.  I think all the Moms will appreciate the fact that the traditional Easter grass is a 'thing of the past' - (have you ever gotten that stuff caught in your vacuum??)  And, no messy eggs to keep up with this year!

Everything in the basket is edible - something very important when you have little ones 'dropping things' around the house.  This way, no vacuum required.  All dogs love popcorn, right? 

Anyway, you can check out more information on this by visiting our friends at http://livinglocurto.com/

I'll post some photos are Saturday's event to keep you in the loop on how it goes over with the kiddies!

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