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Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Room Makeover - Work in Progress

For the past few months I have been on a mission to makeover our guest bedroom. It all started with a clearance sale at K-mart when they were going out of business in Knoxville (so sad, really). I found the quilt and two shams for under $40 there. I had to have it! So I scooped it up without knowing that some of the same pieces (or at least closely-matched coordinating pieces) are available at other big-box stores. Even though I am NOT the person who finds joy in perfectly matched linens, or anything unique or creative about buying everything at the same store, same time, I was pleased to know coordinating items are yet available. Yeah for me!

Next, I repurposed a textured olive-colored bed skirt that was hiding in the back of my linen closet. (I had bought this skirt from a hotel linen sale at the Hilton when they were redecorating their guest rooms last year and knew that someday, some way, it would come in handy). Boy, was I right! It's a perfect complement to the cotton tea-stained quilt details.

My next 'big' find was a doozy! I found this brand-new-still-in-the-box chandelier at a yard sale one rainy Saturday morning. From the carton in the back of this ladys' garage, I saw one of the arms of this chandelier poking out to beckon me over! It drew me like a magnet over to that dark corner, where I found this luscious chandelier with the most hideous leopard shades that any Southern decorator has ever laid her eyes on! But, I seemed to hear that chandelier saying to me, 'please save me from this dank old garage and these faux leopard 'hats' before I burst into flames.' So, I asked the nice lady what she would take for the chandelier and she said $20 bucks. TWENTY BUCKS! Okay, I said, I will take it. So before she had an opportunity to change her mind, I pulled up my Volkswagen and loaded that puppy into the backseat. I felt so much like I had stolen something that I didn't make another stop until I was safely stopped in my own driveway. Almost as abruptly as I drove into the driveway with my chandelier, I took out the leopard shades and tossed them into the Waste Management blue garbage can outside my garage.  There was no way those ugly things were going into my home in fear that other decor in my home might catch that decorating disease called 'big time tacky"  -  I still smile about that steal everytime the lightswitch is flipped to the 'on' position in our guest rom.  (Check out the fabulous chandelier below).

Other 'bargins' in this makeover include the 1950's sewing cabinet that I am using as a side table - it was $3 at a garage sale; the lamp which I found in the trash - shade, bulb and all - and a mirror I got at a local thrift store for $10. I got the hubby to paint the room in a beautiful classic Waverly color called "Gold Rush" - which isn't gold at all but a beautiful shade of paper bag (according to my granddaughter LOL).

I found the artwork at Big Lots for $3 each piece. They were too, too bright when I originally purchased them, but a little coat of brown shoe polish corrected their bright contrast and gave them just the old wash look that I love --see below).

The sign over the bed I was lucky enough to get on sale at Hobby Lobby when wall decor was 50% off (well worth $9.95).

The rug was purchased on eBay for $20, including shipping, and the dresser and armoire (which aren't pictured here) at thrift stores. The dresser was $20 and the huge armoire was only $70. I will post photos of those, both before and after shots, as soon as I find time to get 'that party started."

Enjoy the photos and I would love your feedback and suggestions! I love this room and can't wait to finish the project.


Anonymous said...

wow - this is great. Thanks for sharing.

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Your room is looking great! I am in shock over that chandy! I would have definitely gotten that. 20 bucks, are you kidding me?!
I love your thriftiness! We are kindred spirits.
Thanks for linking up to my party. :)