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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrap Up of 7 Days of Gifts!

On day two, I wrote about a simple way you can share the joy of Giving with your children, grandchildren or any child.  Check it out here:  We All Live Off of His Generous Bounty...  This post is full of photos of how you can make an adorable "Kindness Calendar" for under $10 - something you can keep for many years.  Our grand-girls are enjoying taking down a little coat hanger and reading the little card each morning.  It is working - they are learning that it truly is more important and blessed to give than receive!

And then on day four, I wrote about an amazing experience I had with this beautiful, young girl name Maleka, who showed me the gift of really Seeing Jesus!  See it here  The Indescribable Gift.

May you learn how to give more than you receive this Holiday Season.

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