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Friday, December 14, 2012

God Uses Broken Things

Recently one of my girls hit a road barrel in my car coming home from church. She wasn't hurt (other than her pride), but it damaged the passenger mirror.    I noticed today that the broken pieces are shaped like a heart - a perfect heart-shape that is broken into many pieces. This morning God spoke to me through that broken mirror!
Notice the bright light - His light, shining brightly from its center. See it? His message came through loud and clear.   Deep within my spirit, I heard God say,  "I am still at the center of the brokenhearted. I am still shining through. I have not left you and I am still magnified through the broken pieces."
I began to wonder why it had taken me six days to notice the broken mirror was shaped like a heart.  Curious because I have driven my car every day since the accident, and I have struggled to see out of that mirror a lot.  But I had not noticed this amazing heart shape before today. 
So I came back home after taking the grandchildren to school and I pondered it.  And, God brought to my remembrance that on the Sixth Day, He created people.  People in His image!  (image, broken mirror, people, GET IT?)  And He spoke again and said, "I do my best work through people.  My people, who are called by My name are called to shore up the brokenhearted.  I can't do it without you.  I need you to be my arms and legs, to go where the broken are, to BE ME.  How else will they know I love them through their broken heart?"
Oh my.  WOW!  Only God can use a broken mirror and speak so lovingly and strongly through its cracks.  I love how God uses broken things to speak to us His broken people, don't you?
Love to you this day and always,

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