A blog about finding God's way on the journey with our children, our family, our jobs and our community.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Finally Here - Join us!


A blog about finding God’s way on the journey with our children, our family, our jobs and our community. Tune in for daily updates of inspirational devotions!  Join us through the link above for inspirational wisdom that is sure to help you through your day.

Designed to encourage women everywhere, we are delighted to have you join us! 

Unlikely comrades who have never met in person.  Two women separated by 950 miles and over 15 hours by car from Tennessee to Nebraska. Nothing in common but the tie that binds us through our relationship with Christ.  But during our first telephone conversation we both felt the connection and knew God was up to something!
Together  we represent over 100 years of living and life experiences.  While totally different lives in two different situations, we represent women in a season of our "Jesus journey" which must be made available to the younger generation of women who have yet to come through the storms of life. 
We are two women who love our husbands, love our children and our grandchildren and love serving others.  We are both displays of His splendor, yearning to encourage the hearts of women everywhere!

Visit us at the link above to join in the conversation!  We will be praying for you, and look forward to what God has on this amazing journey called life.  After all, we are all simply displays of His splendor.

Be blessed,


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