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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial. Just my viewpoint - like it or not.

Today I caught my very first full-length look and listen on the case in a long while.  I must admit that closing arguments today were painfully long (at least for me) but somehow I got through it all.  And it was like I missed nothing of importance for the past two years because I was certainly caught up with full details today for sure.

You might be interested to know that I may well have been the only person in the good old USA today that wasn't tainted by all the rhetoric over the past couple of years.  I really don't follow things like this at all.  But today, I wanted to hear the closing arguments for myself.  Mainly because everyone that I know thinks Casey Anthony is guilty and they are ready to put her in the electric chair and pull the switch themselves.  Things like that just always make me a bit curious.  So today, I decided to watch closting arguments all day long.

You might also be interested to know that I am not a fan of Casey Anthony.  But I came up with some rather fascinating thoughts and conclusions in my seven hour experience of people-watching and close listening skills today.  During commercials of the live broadcast, I googled things - people, places and ideas that I needed to know about to satisfy my curiosity.  Most of all, you might find it strange that I am not convinced that Casey Anthony killed her little girl.  I didn't hear any facts that led me to conclude she is guilty.  At least not of murder.

Here is what I did see, hear and then investigate further.  Her family is very - well - disgruntled and unsettling.  The father.  The mother.  Very odd body language.  Even leaving the courtroom today.  Did you see them 'holding hands!'  Very odd behavior.  The father, George Anthony, he gives me the creeps.  He is an obvious liar, cheater, and general creepy person.  He cheated on his job, he cheated on his wife, and I dare say that something is very rotten with that fake suicide attempt.  Among other things.

The mother, Cindy, is obviously very, very angry.  At what?  Not exactly sure but she is a cold fish for sure.  Very interesting body language, especially around her husband, George.  And that tongue?  Who uses that much profanity around little children anyway?

Casey does display some behaviors of a person who has been sexually molested.  At least in my opinion that is the case.  Something just doesn't add up.  Imaginary friends.  Promiscuous lifestyle.  And why would the attorneys have both the father and the brother, Lee, tested for paternity of the little girl?  Don't you just find that strange in itself?

Sticking to the facts, here is what I did not hear today.  No evidence of murder.  No evidence of anything other than a very promiscuous lifestyle.  Another sign of sexual molestation.  WOW.  Very sad case for sure.

This whole case is very eerie and strange - One thing for sure.  We still don't know the whole truth.  We will see what happens tomorrow.  But for now, what are you thoughts?

I would love to hear your views.

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