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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Psalm

On a beautiful Fall day in the Smoky Mountains in 2003, I was inspired to pen the following Psalm to My God, in response to an exercise of putting into words what God has done for you. I was attending a Women's Weekend Conference entitled "The Storm," and I must tell you this exercise helped me to realize that our sovereign Lord has surely rescued us from a life of dispair. I trust you will somehow find it inspiring as well.
My Psalm
Spiraling down was I
On a murky path of disgust
with no shelter from sin;
Or the heartache of despair.

With nowhere but down to go,
further Into the darkness.
Hope and love had hidden herself.
She lay lifeless, chained under a thickness of
Blackened lies - never to be awakened again.
Never to be freed from her
Slumber of night.

Death was coming.
Death and destruction were marching forward
To consume me.
Boastful of their victory sure to come.

And then I saw Him.
Like a tiny ray of light at first.
Then a display of splendor I would not look away from.
With outstretched arms and a
Gentleness of spirit. But moving forward constantly.
Never wavering; never hesitating; never faltering.
But keeping His eyes on my heart.

The Giver of Life came steadily
Beaming down His goodness and His mercy
Upon my soul.

“Be still”, He whispered.
And sin, she shuddered.
“Come here”, He sang.
And darkness he recessed into his
Cave of shadows.

“Hold to my hand”, He delighted.
And with that He offered up to me the
Waters of the eternal spring.
And I drank freely -
till the thirst of a thousand years was satisfied.

And next He fed me truth.
The truth of forever and the
Nourished bread of life.

And my cloak of disgrace it fell from my being
And He gave me a new robe gleaming white
With the pureness of righteousness and glory.

And my old cloak He took up to Himself
And I watched as He cast it into the sea
Of forgetfulness; never to rear its ugly face of
Torment against me again.

The Lover of my Soul He cleansed me!
He refreshed my senses and caused all pain to fall away.

Quickly then He turned to death and destruction
And He raised His mighty sword.
Death and destruction they cried out in fear -
And they retreated to their cave of blackness.

He shared with me His light and His steadfastedness
And I became strong. I was free!

And peace and love she awoke
From her darkened blanket; her chains of destruction
Were loosed, and they fell at her feet.
She sprang forth into victory!
Arise! He said. And I followed Him.
Never looking back upon the disgust of yesterday.
I was free!

Tomorrow has come!
The Giver of Life! The Mighty One!
A new day has begun.

The Sower of Peace and Healing He hath
Crowned me with the victory of everlasting joy.
He hath rescued me from death and destruction
And I shall dwell victorious in His
Lovelight forever.


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